OH2-2192 DX station, Grid KP01tn – Finland

I’ve been a hobbyist DX’er since 1984 but never a serious one, or even close to that. I started with the Selena receiver and just a long wire having no knowledge of any antenna designs nor real radio systems at all.

Around 2012 it was found that a very cheap Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a SDR device and my interest of having a remote DX station located at my parents house came a reality without extremely expensive HAM radio’s, as I have moved from town house in Pori to city flat in Helsinki 1997.

Since then I have built several iterations of the station and expanded it’s capabilities year after year.

My principles when building these systems:

1) I am a DIY Nerd

I will not ever achieve the Pro level of a skilled radio/aerial technician

2) This is hobby, THIS IS FOR FUN!

I will not ever try to give instructions and opinions as a hard fact, but based on my own experiments and only as an ‘workable ideas’ for others to use

3) Everything is based on my own experiments, daydreams and visions

My working method’s are:

plan – design – build – try – fix – try again – success!

4) Feel free to comment – feel free to ask – feel free to give advice

But do not rant!

5) I’m not a native english speaker and do have some difficulties to write it well so please bear with my misspells and odd selections of words – thnx 🙂

About the station(s) – current status (Jul.2019)

Main system located at grid KP01tn – fully remote station:


3 ‘Long’wires, a 40m City Windom , 6,2m BB-6W and Half G5RV
1 Wideband scanner dipole
1 Mini-Whip
1 NOAA APT 137Mhz tuned cross-dipole (DIY model)
1 Center fed 18m Vertical dipole (DIY model)


1 NooElec RTL-SDR dongle, no modifications done
Airspy R2
AirSpy Mini


1 RaspberryPi 2b (ADS-B / Flightradar 24 feeder)
1 RaspberryPi 3 (Remote access gateway, cam-server)
2 RaspberryPi 1b (Remote controller for system network)
1 RaspberryPi Zero (Remote keyboard emulator)
1 Lattepanda Alpha 864 SoC-micro-computer (for RSP radios)
1 Recycled laptop (for RTL-SDR and Airspy radios)


SDR-Console 3


Mobile 4G modem with 300/50 Mbit unlimited data


The ‘headquaters’ – my home at grid KP20le


1 Active ADS-B
1 Marine basestation antenna
1 Basic car whip
1 VHF/UHF Helical antenna (Nooelec)
1 Telescopic whip (Nooelec)
1 70cm HAM band whip


7 NooElec RTL-SDR dongles, no modifications done
1 NooElec RTL-SDR dongle with the DirecSample mod for HF & VLF
1 AirSpy Mini

1 DIY antenna selector based on the BiasT feed in Airspy Mini and µSwitch


1 RaspberryPi 2b (ADS-B / Flightradar 24 feeder)
3 Recycled Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computers, Windows 10 and Linux OS’s


SDR-Console 3
GNU Radio


Broadband 1000/100 Mbit unlimited data

(page updated 28.Jul.2019)