Some SSTV DX fun – Was it You?

I’ve been reading about SSTV some time now, but never tried to receive it as the most common bands have been very silent every time I have had time to tune in.

Today was different and I quickly learned that the most common 20m band frequency here in Europe (14230KHz) was packed full with SSTV transmissions. Actually there was so many simultaneous transmission that they overlapped badly, also the secondary frequencies were used to help the situation.

I quickly installed SSTV software and started to experiment with the reception.

With a fast computer, good radio and antenna it was very easy to receive first pictures – just some fine tuning and tweaking was needed for the best picture quality.

Based on the locator ID / Callsign I was able to receive SSTV images from Hungary (Budapest), Italy (Near Milan), Bulgaria (Sofia), Italy (Illasi), Italy (Gorizia), Scotland (Greenock), Hungary (Bekescaba), Russia (Zemetchinskiy rayon) and many others 🙂

And this was just a first try with the SSTV DX’ng!

Used system:

Antenna: 40m long CityWindom wire antenna
Radio: SDRPlay RSPDuo, Hi-Z input
SDR software: SDRUno
SSTV software: RX-SSTV
Audio piping method: VB-Audio virtual cable

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