“Some minor adjustments…”

Well, not that minor after all. I decided to do a full re-installation to my antennas, locate them to a different place and also add some new ones too.

The original concept was that I had a small antenna mast on the roof, about 7 meter high.

Now the new idea was to remove everything that has anything to do with my DX hobby, fix some TV antennas and create a new antenna array some 25 meters away from the house.

I have no luxury to install a full 25 meter or so antenna mast, so another solution had to be implemented here – The answer was to use a standard flag pole as the mast and create some kind of cradle to the top of it so that I can install all my whip, dipole and wire antennas to that, get all the cables to the house and have an extra grounding too. Also two new antennas needed to be installed to this mast.

The flag pole has been installed with so called “earth screw”, a 1,6m long sturdy pole screwed into ground. The flag pole is then fixed to it. With this combination I was able to create a very light but sturdy 10m high antenna”mast”. The flag pole is so light that I was able to lift it up alone, only 23kg – of course all antennas and peripherals attached to it the total weight was around 50kg and some help was required to lift the mast up.

Grounding of the mast is done by connecting the antenna cradle (metal one) to the earth screw with 16mm copper wire and to the existing grounding too so that the antenna cradle, earth screw, two older grounding points and all radios are now fully isolated from the power line earth and connected to this same ground.

Details about all the installation steps, new antennas, grounding and so on are published later to this blog.

So, was it worth it?

One word – YES – I have just started to test all things, but so far I have seen a huge boost in reception performance, noice levels went down at least 20dbm and also the interference that was caused by the LTE modem is now fully gone.

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