UHF Satcom pirates, what are these!?

Summer 2018 I read about UHF-Satcom pirates.

RTL-SDR.COM explains: “The UHF-Satcom band is anywhere between 243 – 270 MHz and contains fairly strong signals from many several US satellites that can be received with a simple antenna. Some of the satellites are simple repeaters without security, and pirates from Mexico and South America often hijack the satellite for their own personal use.”

I wanted to see if reception of these is possible with my current system, and it was, surprisingly easy!

The original article: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/browsing-the-uhf-satcom-band-via-spyserver/

System used in my shack:

AirspyHF+ (The radio)
Cross-Dipole antenna mainly used for 137MHz WxSat reception
SDR# (receiver software)